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March 2017

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So I put the baby to bed nice and early last night, thinking I'll enjoy a quiet evening.

It was quiet - until midnight. Just as I was drifting off to sleep, "Mamama!" The baby wakes up for her nightly feeding. No surprise there, but after nursing she does not go sweetly back to sleep as usual. Instead, she tosses and whimpers for the next 3 hours from teething pain. When I finally nurse her back to sleep around 5 am, I am now hopelessly awake. It is now my turn to toss and fret for an hour, before I finally drift off to sleep.

Immediately, "whaaaa!" baby wakes up again for an early morning snack. I reach for her, and get a handful of wet diaper. I grope around her bed, and yes, it is wet. I drag myself out of bed, gather up the baby and the dirty sheets, and carry her to the bathroom for a change. Of course she fusses and squirms. I go to use the loo myself, only to discover there is no toilet paper. With baby in tow, I manged to locate a roll in the dark, but as I go to put it on the dispenser, it bounces away, unrolling down the stairs. I give up, and take the baby back to bed with me. Another feeding, and she sleeps at last.

The sun is now rising...

Ah, the joys of motherhood.

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